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How We Do It

Outreach Workers review violent incidents, identify connections to previous events and create a virtual matrix of related individuals. By thoroughly reviewing each case, Outreach Workers then systematically develop strategies to respond to violent incidents. 

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Response strategies include increased presence in high-needs areas, talking to the families and neighbors of victims, conducting custom notifications, meeting with perpetrators, and attending public safety meetings facilitated by police. Intervention and preventative approaches include social media monitoring which often provides insight into ongoing rivalries and assists Outreach Workers in assessing risk.

Because of their personal connections to the communities they serve, they are often recognized and trusted support. Outreach Workers immediately establish a point of contact and maintain communication with involved parties via phone calls and home visits for the purpose of determining the likelihood of retaliation and any possible connection to other violent.

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School Safety

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Let's Work Together

Outreach Workers facilitate safe passage for high schools including Pittsburgh Carrick, Pittsburgh Obama, and Pittsburgh Allderdice. In addition to strategically placing themselves in and around schools to deter violence incidents, Outreach

Workers lead mediations between students who were either already involved in fights, have engaged in threats on social media, or may be affiliated with larger rival groups.

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